Simplify VFM analysis, increase useful data, and reduce costs

We simplify VFM analysis, reduce costs, and translate data into evidence for programme managers.

Our cloud-based Makana Value for Money (VFM) ManagerTM software makes analyzing and reporting VFM metrics robust, yet easy to use.

It offers the flexibility to meet individual programme requirements and we provide unlimited support, advice, and training from specialists - all for half the cost of the typical single in-country analysis.

Maximizing the Power of Value for Money

Informed by our experience leading VFM planning and assessments in 23 countries and nearly a hundred programs, our suite of VFM metrics are configured for each programme and exceed all donor requirements.

Plus, we'll support you with quality assurance and advice for your VFM reports. We work with you each step of the way. 

Combining detailed VFM analysis with best-of-class data visualization

Our easy to use interface and dashboards let you clearly and regularly assess the value for money of programme interventions. We generate detailed cost, results, beneficiary, cost efficiency, and partner performance reports targeted for all levels of engagement. Plus, our team of VFM specialists is on-call to provide support whenever needed.


See examples of how VFM analysis can support improved programme management.

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Makana VFM Manager overcomes the limitations of Excel, increases VFM monitoring capacity, and reduces cost.