Current and Recent Engagements

We work with agencies, foundations, companies, donors and NGOs. Our VFM metrics are standardized yet adaptable across sectors, and our advice and support is always available. Here’s a snapshot of some of our recent work and its results.

Value for Money Recent Work - Water and Sanitation Programmes

global Water and Sanitation programmes

As part of a UN agency global programme, we trained and supported programme staff in nine countries to embed VFM approaches and tools into regular programme management.

Results: Country programmes have moved from limited VFM awareness to having sufficient capacity to complete regular semi-annual VFM reports, reducing the use of external consultants while building local programme capacity to use VFM analysis to manage results.

Building Nutrition Business Cases

In DRC and Ethiopia, we worked with DFID, other donors, and implementing partners to build cost-benefit cost-benefit evidence and assess the Value for Money of several alternate approaches to address childhood malnutrition.

Results: VFM analysis guided the selection of nutrition Business Case proposals. VFM analysis assessed alternative approaches, quantifying the most cost-effective srategies.

Value for Money Recent Work - Building Nutrition Cases

Value for Money Recent Work - Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Working with the banking sector in eastern Africa, we assessed the VFM of multiple corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes intended to promote small and medium enterprise development.

Results:  Across programmes, data showed that performance and quality improved when participants were provided small incentives for on-schedule delivery. The slightly increased production costs improved VFM by limiting losses from cancelled orders.

Managing Performance with VFM Analysis

A multinational company requested a VFM assessment of its employee and community health care systems, and a strategy and tools to take VFM forward.

Results: Working with the company, community, health structures and government, our VFM analysis included recommendations to link inputs with beneficiary health gains, using cloud-based software to streamline and institutionalize regular VFM reporting for programme managers.

Value for Money Recent Work - Volunteer Programmes

VFM in volunteer programmes

A programme sending volunteer health professionals for short assignments in developing countries wanted to understand its actual costs and benefits.

Results: We adapted common VFM metrics to the voluntary sector; captured actual, assumed, and “invisible” costs; conducted an initial VFM assessment, and embedded a strategy and tools to use VFM analysis for regular results management.